Restaurants in Paljakka:

Hotel Paljakka tel. +358 20 74111009

Safari Pub tel. +358 44 748 666 7

Paljakka Bistro tel. +358 44 9756873

Paljakka-House tel. +358 400 721489

In Ukkohalla:

Saaga Restaurant tel. +358 44 748 5515

Kirnu à La Carte Restaurant (open in the evenings)
• Order menus for business enterprises and groups
• Sales service: tel. +358 8 748 500 or  [email protected]
• Meetings, weddings and special occasions: space for 10–300 people.

Our restaurants are for everyone. For the young and young-at-heart, these restaurants provide a few extra hours of pleasure for each day of your holiday and pleasant company with other holidaymakers, complemented by good food and music. In the daytime, the area’s restaurants provide tasty snacks and meals in the midst of indoor and outdoor activities: fresh sweet buns and pastries along with coffee, delicious lunches for bigger appetites, or more exotic delicacies for connoisseurs.

At Hotel Paljakka Restaurant, you can arrange group dining on special order, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners, too.