Etusivu uusi

A day without crowd

The ski resort Paljakka offers travel services, accommodation, program services and catering and food services throughout the year. In winter, in addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding we have well-maintained cross-country ski tracks and snowmobile trails and also ice fishing waters. During the summer you can go to canoe trips, ATV safaris or you can fish, pick mushrooms and berries or go hiking to the beautiful nature of Paljakka.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have the holiday of your life at Paljakka. Welcome!

Online booking

Sales offices

Aittolan Eräpalvelut
Accommodation, guided excursions, trips and activities
[email protected]
mob. +358 500 472734

Booking service
Central booking for accommodation, activities
[email protected]
tel. +358 8 748 500

Hotel Paljakka
Accommodation, restaurant, meeting facilites, guided activities
[email protected]
mob. +358 40 8303500

Paljakan Loma-asunnot
Accommodation, guided acitivites
[email protected]
mob. +358. 500 324 107

Paljakka Bistro
mob. +358 44 975 6873

Cafe, cinema, sports hall, key service (accommodation)
[email protected]
mob. +358 400 721 489

Safari Finland
Safaris, programs, central booking for accommodation
[email protected]
mob. +358 44 748666

[email protected]
mob. +358 44 748666