Snow and peace in the wintertime

There is a more than 100-kilometre-long, well-maintained network of cross-country skiing trails in the forested hill landscapes of Paljakka and its immediate vicinity. Some of the skiing trails run through glorious evergreen forests in the vicinity of the Paljakka Strict Nature Reserve. There, you can ski in the midst of silent and rugged nature.

You can downhill ski on the fifteen slopes of Paljakka — from the top of the Paljakanvaara forestry hill, you get a unique view over wintry nature. It is also possible to try out downhill skiing outside the slopes on untouched powdery snow. The Paljakka ski school serves downhill skiers of all levels.

There are plenty of suitable places and routes for snowshoeing, walking in a wintry forest and winter fatbiking in the Paljakka area.

A dog sledding ride through a forested and hilly landscape, as well as a visit to the southernmost reindeer farm in Finland are experiences that you will never forget.

There are great possibilities for ice fishing on the wilderness lake or surrounding lakes. At the fishing park’s Forellibaari ice shelter, you can ice fish comfortably while sitting in a camping chair!

Those wishing for more speed can rent snowmobiles and embark on an independent trip or participate in a guided snowmobile safari.

Summer and autumn in nature

In Finland, strict nature reserves are among the most strictly protected natural sites, where entry is generally forbidden. The Paljakka Strict Nature Reserve is a pleasant exception. It is one of the rare strict nature reserves in Finland, in which you can walk around. This untouched hilly landscape with hiking routes is an excellent walking or day trip destination. Another great destination is Hepoköngäs, one of the highest natural waterfalls in Finland.

Paljakka has hiking and walking routes for all tastes. At Paljakka, there are routes of different lengths and difficulty. It is easy and safe to walk along the well-guided, shorter routes nearby.

Nearby lakes and streams offer excellent fishing spots for wild fish. However, you should not forget the Paljakka Fishing Park (Paljakan Kalastuspuisto). If you want to leave the shore behind to enjoy the waters, head downstream along the Louhenjoki river from the fishing park on a canoe or kayak.

The charming hill scenery can be enjoyed by bicycle, too, on routes suitable for mountain and fat bikes. The cycling routes vary, from pleasant cycling roads suitable for everyone to demanding forest trails.

Activities year round

Down-to-earth sauna experiences – Try a smoke sauna

You will most definitely enjoy the saunas at the hotel and holiday apartments but, for those seeking a change, we recommend the rental saunas located in the area. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a traditional smoke sauna. Summertime at Paljakka, the icing on the cake of this experience is the beach with its smoke sauna.

Relaxing in a Sauna World – Ukkohalla Spa & SaunaWorld

Ukkohalla SaunaWorld is a treat for all of the senses. Spa & SaunaWorld provides customers with several types of sauna and refreshing pools. These include Höyrysauna (steam sauna), Karjalainen sauna (Carelian sauna), Suomalainen sauna (Finnish sauna), Uralin luolasauna (Uralic cave sauna), Kelosauna (Kelo pine-wood sauna) and Terwasavusauna (tar smoke sauna). In addition to the swimming pool, there are indoor and outdoor hot tubs. The car journey from Paljakka to Ukkohalla takes only 20 minutes.