Fishing park

The fishing park has planted rainbow trout and you can also catch grayling, trout and perch. Fish are planted regularly, so the fish is spry and easy to catch throughout the season. Ask for guided fishing programs at the fishing park. The fishing park is spacious and easy to move in, so the programs suit well for families, groups of children, seniors and other special groups. It is easy to move around in the park with baby carriage or a wheelchair. There is also a playground for children and during the forthcoming summer we will be building other family-oriented activities in the area, such as frisbee-golf, more play areas for kids and Paljakkatalo services. You can use the fish handling room, two picnic areas, 3 huts with fireplaces and shelters, and 9 fishing docks along the fishing area free of charge.

Fishing permits
20 € / 3 h + sc and mps
– children under 12 years can fish with the same catch quota with an adult
– includes 1 Rainbow trout. Release other ones.
– other than rainbow trouts have no quotas

Family permit / group assignment
45 € / 3 h + sc and mps
– the number of members of the family / group is not limited.
– includes max. 3 raimbow trouts / group for eating fish.
– other than rainbow trouts: no quotas

sc = service charges and mps = mobile phone service fee (prices specified on mobile or card payments, see below)

Purchase of a fishing permit: Safaripub / ski rental or cash at Paljakkatalo, and Paljakan Loma-asunnot Oy in cash when they are open. For inquiries p.0400 721489 or 044 748 666 7

Other forms of payment:
The license can also be paid at when the operator charges a service fee of 3.5-4.5 € (pm = service charge). In the services you can pay for all the different forms of payment also a credit card. As a rule, you will need the bank identifiers for payment approval.

You can also buy without the service fee by paying the advance to the account Fi5253660720031951 in the message field the names of the fishermen (need for children’s age) and the fishing time (day and night)
– prepare to submit a receipt for your purchase either on paper or electronically.

Always know before fishing on the fishing rules that are posted on this site.