Wellbeing & Relax

Wellbeing & Relax


Many people associate saunas with Finnish culture – and rightly so! A sauna is a great way to relax the body and mind after outdoor activities. Sauna is a perfect place for overall wellbeing.

For some, the saunas within their accommodation are sufficient (Hotel Paljakka and almost all holiday apartments have their own sauna), but if you are looking for a full sauna experience, you may want to try out the traditional smoke sauna in Paljakka or Spa & SaunaWorld in Ukkohalla (only 20 min drive away from Paljakka).

Smoke Sauna

Our pampering smoke sauna and the cozy sauna building are located on the beach of Tassulampi, nearby our holiday cabins. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a traditional Finnish lakeside sauna

The sauna building has a kitchen-living room, dressing room, shower room, sauna and two toilets. The sauna is equipped with sauna heater that releases smoke and a standard, electric sauna heater.

Paljakan loma-asunnot
Tassutie 2
89140 Kotila Finland
Tel. +358 500 324 107
[email protected]

Ukkohalla Spa & SaunaWorld

SaunaWorld & Spa is a modern centre for good feeling and relaxation located in our neighboring holiday resort Ukkohalla, only 20 minutes’ drive away from Paljakka. A splendid spa as well as idyllic pool and selection of sauna baths bring enjoyment to all senses. At the same time that your body relaxes, your eyes can rest on the picturesque beauty of Lake Syväjärvi shoreline landscapes.

In the SaunaWorld you will get familiar with nine different kind of saunas: Finnish sauna (temperature around + 70 C), Infrared sauna (around +50 C), Karelian sauna (around +75 C), Kelo pine wood sauna (around + 80 C), Panoramic sauna (around + 60 C), Smoke sauna (around + 70 C), Steam sauna (around + 50 C), Ural cavesauna (around + 65 C) and Wood shingle sauna (temperature around + 65 C).

Booking service of Ukkohalla
Ukkohallantie 22
tel. +358 8 748 500

[email protected]
www.ukkohalla.fi (kohdesivu https://ukkohalla.fi/en/spa-and-sauna-world/ )


You can most certainly find a suitable service from you from the list of massage services we have.

We offer effective and intensive half massages and deep massages of the neck and shoulders.

In peat massage your body gets pampered with treatment peat, that helps reduce waste products from your body.

Our honey massage activates the surface circulation and warms up the muscles. The honey used in treatment is local, organic honey and its grainy texture suits very well for external use as well.

The Pororaja -head & facial massage loosens up your skull base muscles and scalp, and the chewing muscles.

Pororajan Body & Fitness
tel. +358 40 192 3606
[email protected]


The gym located in Paljakka House is equipped with Matrix gym equipment, including belly and back device, foot spa, pelvic and hip device, upper leg, exercise bike and bench press.