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Snow-sure Paljakka is waiting for you. Maintained ski trails offer you the opportunity to either slow skiing while you can admire the massive spruce trees, or an action-packed aerobic exercise, which does not spare your body.

By snowshoeing you can reach the fairy-tale forest and you can sense the silence. The silence that you can really experience with your ears. The soul is resting, the mind will be empowered and the body gets diversified workouts in the peace of nature, which you can feel comprehensive.

In Ski resort Paljakka you can take restorative and muscle tension facilitating massages. The range of services includes the powerful intensive half massages and neck and shoulder deep treatments. In peat half massage your body will be pampered with toxins eliminating treatment peat.

Paljakka`s own speciality is Pororaja head and face massage. The Pororaja head and face massage provides effective treatment for the pectoral muscles, neck and skull, facial muscles and the head. The treatment also deals with muscles affecting occlusion and the muscles that relieve headache. The head is massaged properly, not just by patting.

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