Ski Shop Paljakka (ski rental)

Skiing equipment, glasses and helmets

Paljakkahouse kiosk and shop

Refreshments, sweets, food, kiosk stuff, beer etc. Souvenirs and local crafts.

Market-level shops in the immediate area:

Ristijärvi 26 km K-Market and S-Market, Pharmacy
Puolanka 35 km, K-Market, M-Market, S-Market, Pharmacy, Alko, Hardware Store, specialty stores, etc.
Paltamo 40 km, D-market, S-Market, Alko, etc.
Ukkohalla 28 km, Halla Market
Hyrynsalmi 44 km, S-Market, K-Market, Alko, Pharmacy, Hardware store etc.

The nearest fuel stations

ABC (cold station) Puolanka, Hyrynsalmi and Suomussalmi approx. 10-20 km
Ristijärvi 26 km SEO (upon entering the Kajaani)
Puolanka 35 km, Shell and Teboil (cold stations, including snowmobile trail)
Paltamo 40 km Neste (including snowmobile trail)
Hyrynsalmi Teboil (including snowmobile trail) and SEO